We create products for enterprises and We love it.

About I-Facto

I-Facto was founded in the year 2010 and Yes! I-Facto is among one of the few 100% Self-Bootstrapped organizations.

We love to craft softwares and solve the real world problems with the binaries. We are highly committed to our goals. We invest our resources to create world class easy to use softwares and applications for the enterprise business with the top notch, on the edge technology expertise.

We understand the Industries and We create Enterprises.

What does I-Facto means?

The word I-Facto is derived from two words – Web and Gurukul. In ancient Indian epics, the word “GURUKUL” means “temple of knowledge“ and now “WEB” signifies living on the edge of technology; and that’s what makes I-Facto .

The milestones over 9 years

We created more than 1900 Extensions for eCommerce(B2B and B2C), ERP and CRM Frameworks in the previous 9 years. We are best known for creating world class Marketplaces, Omni-Channel Connectors, Point of Sale (POS) Apps and native Mobile App Builders.

We also stepped into Software as a Service (SAAS) domain and pioneered with the apps like UVdesk Helpdesk and Booking Commerce Engine.

Datum Stats

Statistics defines us at our best, have a look below –

1900+ Extensions and Applications
2 Powerful SAAS Driven Apps
80K+ Happy Customers
5 OpenSource Contributions
9+ Years of Experience
350+ Ironmen’s Headcount
Built for 10+ Popular CMS Frameworks
15+ Stories/Mentions In the Press

How we made it?

The credit goes to the Ironmen at I-Facto HQ, who sets new milestones every other day.

The biggest strength of all time for us is our wonderful and hardworking team. Each and every member of the team tries really hard to drive out the best of any innovative idea.

We believe “Working at I-Facto is not about job, it’s about lifestyle.

We Dig into Commerce

We have expertise over all popular eCommerce, PIM, ERP and CRM Frameworks. We have created ready to use extensions and apps for the following –